Frequently Asked Questions

Avocado Preparation

How can I tell if avocados are ripe?
Hass avocados are ready to eat when their skin is a purple brown colour (no need to squeeze).

How can I ripen my avocado?
Avocados will ripen in your fruit bowl but to accelerate the process, pop in a brown paper bag and include a banana or apple. These other fruits give off ethylene gas, which is a ripening agent.

How can I store avocados?
Uncut ripe avocados can be refrigerated for a few days. Once cut, lemon juice and vinegar can be used to stop from browning or puree with lemon juice and freeze.

How do I stop avocados going brown when I cut them open?
There are a number of ways to combat oxidisation on the freshly cut flesh of avocados: store in an air tight container or cover the flesh in lemon juices or wrap in glad wrap.