Frequently Asked Questions

General Avocado Questions

Can I use avocado on my skin and hair?
Avocado fruit and oil is very effective as a hair or skin mask, it can help to repair dry hair and moisturise the skin.

Is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable?
Avocado is often confused as a vegetable but it’s actually a fruit, more specifically a berry. It’s one of the healthiest fruits as it contains almost 20 nutrients, is naturally low in sugar and one only a few fruits that contains protein.

Where in New Zealand are avocados grown?
All avocados sold in New Zealand are grown in New Zealand the main avocado growing regions are Northland and the Bay of Plenty.
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When is the New Zealand avocado export season?
The main export season is between August and February but avocados can be supplied year round in New Zealand.

Why do avocados vary in price?
Demand for avocados in New Zealand has increased as more people discover their amazing health benefits and versatility. Prices for avocados in New Zealand can change as a result of supply and demand. As with all fresh produce, prices fluctuate with the supply throughout the year and avocado volumes vary from season to season.

Why do I sometimes see such bad quality avocados in the supermarket?
Avocados need to be handled very carefully – more carefully perhaps than any other fruit in the produce section and as such they do not always get the care they need because they get treated like the other more resilient fruit. If you see poor quality avocados in your local supermarket, we suggest that you speak to the produce staff in the store as they may be unaware of the issue without feedback from shoppers.