There’s a reason New Zealand avocados taste so good. Our growers take extra time to nurture their avocados on the tree and harvest only when the taste and quality of each avocado reaches its best.

‘Aoetearoa’ is the native Maori name for New Zealand. The common translation is “land of the long which cloud” or “land of the abiding day’ referring to the length and quality fo the New Zealand daylight. These unique growing conditions are what make New Zealand avocados a premium choice.

New Zealand avocados are delicious, nutrient dense, cholesterol free and help maintain a healthy heart.

New Zealand’s mild temperate climate means New Zealand avocados have their own unique season. We supply our avocados at the best time.

New Zealand’s harvest maturity requirement is the highest in the world. Our avocados must reach a minimum of 24% dry matter before they are harvested, ensuring a creamier, premium avocado.

New Zealand proximity to Asian markets combined with our strict regulations for pick to ship timelines allow us to deliver avocados with an unrivaled freshness. Our customers are top priority. Our food safety, traceabiliity and quality assurance systems set the global benchmark.

Enjoy the unique taste and benefits of New Zealand avocados in season from September.