The Perfect Post Workout Avocado Smoothie

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Post Workout Avocado Smoothie
What exactly are Pre & Post Workout drinks all about?
Don’t feel bad if this is a question you can’t answer – you’d be surprised how many people aren’t sure & that’s including many that do take a smoothie to the gym! lets have a look and see what makes the perfect post workout avocado smoothie!
In short there are a lot of ‘theories’ online – be wary of those only interested to drive their own ‘supplement’ sales. But here are some ACTUAL reasons why you can benefit from a pre/post workout :
1. Alertness – To energise for your exercise, with boosters like caffeine to get your heart pumping
2. Energy – We can burn a lot of calories when we exercise & this keeps a healthy ‘top up’ to ensure we don’t burn out and top up our carbs & glucose levels
3. Building – Protein specific ingredients which increase potential of muscle gain, maintenance or bulking – depending on your goals
4. Recovery – Included in most shakes are BCAA’s (Amino acids) which help the recovery and healing of your muscle fibres
It’s important to have a good nutrient balance, and much of this can be achieved naturally – whether you are vegan, lactose intolerant or try to avoid sugars.
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