Frequently Asked Questions

Growing Avocados – การปลูกอะโวคาโด

How can I grow avocado seeds?
Avocado seeds are relatively easy to sprout and is a great project for kids.

  1. Remove the seed from the avocado and clean the flesh from it
  2. Skewer the seed around the centre with four toothpicks ensuring you locate the small bump at the bottom of the seed.
  3. Place seed on a jar of water with the tooth picks resting on the rim, ensuring the bottom half is submerged.
  4. Sprouting can take between 2 and 8 weeks. Once the sprout reaches about 20cm pot in soil.

Why isn’t my avocado tree producing fruit?
Avocado trees grown from seeds can take up to 12 years to start producing fruit. There are many environmental reasons that trees may stop producing fruit such as dry soil, root rot and pruning faults. For more information please see our orchard management resources here 

When should I pick my avocados?
Avocados are unusual as they do not ripen on the tree, they only ripen once they picked. If they are picked before they are mature avocados will remain rock hard and never ripen. The best way to find out if your avocados are ready to be picked is to pick one, if it ripens within two weeks then the rest should be ready too.  If it doesn’t ripen then keep checking every couple of weeks. The main harvest season for Hass avocados (the main variety) in New Zealand is September to April. Good sized avocados on most trees in New Zealand should be ready to pick during this time.

Where in New Zealand are avocados grown?
All avocados sold in New Zealand are grown in New Zealand. The main avocado growing regions are Northland and the Bay of Plenty.

Why are there seasonal differences in the supply of avocados?
Avocados are biennial in their fruit growth; this means that s they have irregular bearing of fruit with seasonal swings in production. One year there will be a large crop and the next the crop may be much smaller. Watch this video to find out more